TBR Domains

dot-ca-registry is certified to register .ca domain names that are being release by the TBR process (to be released) through the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA). TBR domains have been previously registered but the registrant has elected not to renew the domain. After a 30 day suspension period, the domains are released through the TBR process at 2:00 PM Ottawa time. This process ends 15 minutes later and the domain is made available through normal channels.

To apply for a TBR domain you must be an active registrant. The domain is added to your profile. We cannot guarantee success, but we will endeavor to register your domain by starting our automated process precisely at 2:00 PM Ottawa time and submitting requests until they are all dealt with. If you find a domain on the list below, just click on the domain and we will add your request to the TBR request list.

If you have logged in to the site, all you have to do is click on the domain name and we will endeavour to register the site in your name. If you are not a dot-ca-registry registrant, you must do that before applying for a TBR domain. There is no charge to become a registrant.

To check at CIRA please see CIRA To Be Released.

For a little history and to explain the bidding have a look at TBR History.

TBR Domains
There are 2867 domains now published for release!
DomainRelease DateDate Added
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If you are successful in obtaining a TBR domain you will be invoiced with a payment link. Any registrations not paid in 48 hours will be cancelled and released to the public.