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      a division of Burmac Business Systems Ltd

Burmac was incorporated in 1977 and has offered more than 30 continuous years of service to the business community from developing custom commercial computer applications to the current registration and hosting of all domain names. We have been a CIRA certified registrar since 2001.


Enter the email address for your dot-ca-registry client file. If it is a valid email address on our files, we will send the password to that address.

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Latest News


    May 12, 2015

    CIRA supports DNSSEC and we are pleased to announce that dot-ca-registry has joined the group of registrars qualified to process your DNSSEC maintenance

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  • Weekly TBR Participation

    Jan 20, 2017

    Please take time to look at progress and modifications to the TBR procedure that we continue to attempt to improve.

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