Transfer  a Domain from another Registrar


If you have not become a client of dot-ca-registry see Create a New Client.


If you have domain(s) registered with us, you will have to click on the Work with Domains Link, otherwise there will be a link on the Members Page to Transfer a Domain.



Regardless, you will be presented with a screen to enter the domain name you would like to transfer.



Enter the domain name.  Obviously, you do not enter the .ca TLD as we only deal with .ca domains.  You will notice in the notes that to complete the transfer you will need a contact(s) on our system and an authorization code.  Your current registrar will provide the authorization code that is required to complete the transfer.  It is basically proof that you are the current registrant and have the authority to move the domain to a new registrar.


The system does a simple check of the domain.  If it is not currently registered with CIRA you will be referred to the New Domain page.  Naturally, it must be currently registered to be transferred.


You will be returned to where you started and the transfer will be added to your shopping cart.



You must pay for the transfer before it will be enabled.  The receiving registrar is charged with the transfer but the renewal date for the domain is extended one year.


Click on the Proceed to Check Out link and follow the instructions to make the payment.


You will now notice that Shopping Cart is empty and you can move on with the transfer.  From the Members page go to Work with Domains.  At the bottom of the page you will find a box with the domain(s) you would like to transfer.



You must now click on the domain to complete the transfer.