Create a Contact


From the Members page follow the link to Work with Contacts.


You will be presented with a list of contacts associated with your client.



As you can see we have no Contacts so are about to create one.  Follow the link to Add a New Contact.



As you can see, you will be asked for the country location of the contact.  In Canada and the USA we populate the province field with codes as assigned by CIRA.  We also use the standard 10 digit phone field for these countries.  All other countries use an international format for the telephone and allow the free form entry of the province where used.




A few fields are optional.  The Organization can be entered for any individual who represents a company or organization.  It is not required.  The Fax field is also optional and not required.  The CPR (Canadian Presence Requirement) must be entered when you desire to use the contact as a registrant.  To use the contact as a registrant the CPR must be selected but also the contact must confirm that they have read the registrant agreement and meet the CPR.  If you are not familiar with the registrant agreement make sure you have read it and then indicate you understand the agreement and accept it's terms.  Review the information you have provided and when satisfied it is complete and accurate click on the Add button.  



There will be some editing of the information and on success it is submitted to CIRA.  Once they have reviewed and accepted the add request it is added to their database and you can start using the contact.  (If you do not indicate that you have read and accept the registrant agreement you will not be able to use the contact as a registrant.)


If the contact you create is an individual and you provide a CPR and accept the terms of the registrant agreement, the contact can be used as both a registrant and an administrative contact.


You will now see that the Contact is added to your list and displayed in the Contacts box.