Automatic TBR Transfers


With the adoption of the EPP interface by CIRA and our recent foray into multiple requesting registrars for TBR domains the entire process has become too complicated.  We have developed an Automatic routine that will take the paid for TBR's and move them to the proper sponsors and contacts but you will need to ensure that your client profile is set up properly to accommodate this routine.


First, I will try to explain the various fields in the client profile that are used by the procedure.  Have a look at my client profile



You can see some addition fields.  These are used to generate new registrant contacts for each domain.  They will be discussed later.


To allow the Auto Transfer to work we need the Default Registrant and Default Admin Contact.  When the TBR domain is moved to your account these contact ids will be used.  There are also default name servers that can be entered.  These are not required but if present, they will be linked to the domain that is moved to our registry.


It is important to note that we require the default contacts for each sponsor.  Currently we are registering on behalf of and  Default contacts will be required for each registrar.  The way this is currently accommodated is actually by Logging In to each of the websites and providing the contacts.  Here is what happens when I go to rapidregister and call up my client profile.



You will notice that the Welcome line now shows  Other than that the site is identical and you can access all your domains and contacts.  You do need default contacts that are sponsored by the proper registrar.


The nice thing about the Automatic routine is that it will handle the domains for all the sponsors (registrars) within one request.


The last 3 fields have been depricated.


We hope this is convenient and helpful.