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Burmac was incorporated in 1977 and has offered more than 30 continuous years of service to the business community from developing custom commercial computer applications to the current registration and hosting of all domain names. We have been a CIRA certified registrar since 2001.

Brandsight Canada, LTD. Phone: +1.5182900169
http://www.brandsight.com Email: service@brandsight.com
Canadian Domain Name Services Inc. Phone: +1.9054366814
http://www.cadns.ca Email: registrar@cadns.ca
BareMetal.com inc Phone: +1.8004315811
http://baremetal.com/ Email: domains@baremetal.com
RCOM Canada, Corp. Phone:
http://www.register.com Email:
EuroDNS Canada Inc Phone:
http://eurodns.com Email:
Energetex Engineering (MET Engineering Inc.) Phone: +1.5198862672
http://www.energetex.ca Email: support@energetex.com
PlanetHoster Phone: 18557744678
http://Planethoster.net Email: domains@support.planethoster.info
Vaxxine Computer Systems Inc. Phone: +1.9056851539
http://www.vaxxine.com/domain/ Email: domain@vaxxine.com
1686778 Ontario Ltd. Phone: +1.888.333-3860
http://www.domaincatcher.ca Email: support@sibername.com
CanReg (Infinet Communications Group Inc.) Phone: +1.8779012123
http://www.canreg.com Email: info@canreg.com
In2net Network Inc. Phone:
http://www.in2net.com Email:
Uniregistrar Ltd. Phone:
http://uniregistry.com Email:
DOMAINScanada.ca Inc. Phone: +1.4032910666
http://www.domainscanada.ca Email: sales@domainscanada.ca
Misk.com Canada, Inc. Phone:
http://https://www.misk.com/ Email: support@misk.com
(Funio) Technologies iWeb inc. Phone: +1.8556438646
http://www.funio.com/domains Email: domains@Funio.com
Reg.Ca (RegCA Enterprises Inc.) Phone: +1.6045344191
http://www.reg.ca Email: domain@reg.ca
Tucows.com Co. Phone:
http://domainhelp.tucows.com Email:
Netfirms, LTD Phone: +1.6046373880
http://www.netfirms.ca Email: support@cadomains.com
DotCa.ca - (2070425 ONTARIO INC.) Phone: (416) 385 2422
http://www.dotca.ca Email:
Telligent Corporation Phone:
http://www.saveonhosting.ca Email:
Promo People Inc. Phone:
http://promopeople.com Email:
Endless Communications Inc. Phone: +1.4166748222
http://www.endless.net Email: registrar@endless.net
Canadian Internet Technologies Inc. o/a CanadianDomain.ca Phone: +1.6135490159
http://www.canadiandomain.ca Email: registrar@canadiandomain.ca
1686780 Ontario Ltd. Phone: +1.888.333-3860
http://www.tbrdomain.ca Email: support@sibername.com
Koallo Inc Phone: 1-877-956-2556
http://www.koallo.ca Email: domains@koallo.ca
CIRA Holding (6) Phone:
http://www.cira.ca Email:
Namespro Solutions Inc. Phone: http://www.namespro.ca/support.asp
http://www.namespro.ca Email: support@namespro.ca
Safebrands Canada (9269-4785 Québec Inc) Phone: +1 514-600-6124
http://https://safebrands.com Email: domaines@safebrands.com
DotAlliance Inc. Phone:
http://www.dotalliance.com/ Email:
Arctic Names Inc. Phone:
http://www.arcticnames.ca Email:
8648255 CANADA LTD. O/A Dynadot LLC Phone:
http://www.dynadot.com Email:
2229826 Ontario Inc. Phone:
http://www.nextwebhosting.com Email:
Bell Canada Phone: 8882672411
http://www.bellaliant.net Email: DNS@bellaliant.ca
Register4Less.com Phone: (877) 905-6500
http://Register4Less.com Email: support@register4less.com
Mustang Technologies Inc. Phone: 1-800-353-6642
http://www.mustangtechno.com/ Email: cira@mustangtechno.com
CIRA Holding (5) Phone:
http://www.cira.ca Email:
egate DOMAINS Inc. Phone: +1.8884048328
http://www.egatedomains.ca Email: helpdesk@egatedomains.ca
(CAregistration.com) Add Value International Inc. Phone: 1-416-829-2290
http://www.caregistration.com Email: registrar@caregistration.com
A.R.C. Informatique Inc. Phone: +1.8778809224
http://www.webdomaine.ca Email: registraire@webdomaine.ca
Web Hosting Canada (7081936 Canada Inc.) Phone: 1-888-545-3942
http://https://whc.ca Email: info@whc.ca
MyReg.ca (Tom Brown) Phone:
http://www.MyReg.ca/ Email:
1770821 Ontario Corp. o/a domainecanada.ca Phone: +1.888.333-3860
http://www.domainecanada.ca Email: support@sibername.com
1716639 Ontario Inc. Phone: +1.888.333-3860
http://www.cheap.ca Email: support@sibername.com
10850365 Canada Ltd. o/a Namecheap, Inc. Phone:
http://https://www.namecheap.com/ Email:
Internic.ca Inc. Phone: 1-613-820-4374
http://www.internic.ca Email: service@internic.ca
Go Daddy Domains Canada, Inc Phone: 1-866-938-1119
http://ca.godaddy.com Email: support@godaddy.com
Trillium Internet Company Inc Phone: +1.4164106430
http://https://valuehost.ca Email: sales@valuehost.ca
Gandi Services Inc. Phone:
http://www.gandi.net Email:
Execulink Telecom Inc. Phone: +1.8773932854
http://www.execulink.com Email: domains@execulink.com
Mediafusion Inc. Phone: +1.5149727777
http://www.mediafusion.ca Email: registraire@mediafusion.ca
eNom Canada Corp. Phone:
http://www.enom.com Email:
DomainePlus.com (3612040 CANADA inc.) Phone: +1.8779902047
http://www.domaineplus.com Email: support@domaineplus.com
Data and Scientific Inc. Phone:
http://eagleserve.com Email:
CanSpace Solutions Inc. Phone: +1.8889936822
http://www.canspace.ca Email: admin@canspace.ca
http://ksdomains.ca Email:
2537244 ONTARIO INC. Phone:
(10dollar.ca) 10 Dollar Domain Names Inc. Phone: (416) 640 0595
http://www.10dollar.ca Email:
http://www.sibername.com Email: sibername@sibername.com
1716640 Ontario Inc. Phone: +1.888.333-3860
http://www.my-domain.ca Email: support@sibername.com
London Webmasters a div. of 1263090 Ontario Inc. Phone: +1.5198589660
http://ca.lweb.ca Email: cadomains@lweb.ca
Bulent Turkoglu o/a domain-name.ca Phone: +1.888.333-3860
http://www.domain-name.ca Email: support@sibername.com
Authentic Web Inc. Phone: 1-855-436-8853
http://authenticweb.com Email: info@authentiweb.com
MarkMonitor International Canada Ltd. Phone: +1.2083895740
http://Markmonitor.com Email: ccops@markmonitor.com
GarNet Research Corp. Phone:
http://www.garnet.ca Email:
CA Registry (Ed Hew) Phone: +1.226.444.0616
http://www.registry.ca/ Email: registrar@registry.ca
Domain Robot Enterprises Inc. Phone:
http://www.domainrobot.ca Email:
Webnames.ca Inc. Phone: +1.8662217878
http://www.webnames.ca Email: support@webnames.ca
Hébergement OVH Inc. Phone:
http://www.ovh.com Email:
Register.ca Inc. Phone: 1 877 992 2623
http://register.ca Email:
Rebel.ca Corp. Phone: 1-613-768-5125
http://www.rebel.ca Email: service@rebel.ca
Computer Engineering Inc. Phone: +1.8778642169
http://www.domainsunder.ca Email: support@domainsunder.ca
CanadianDomainRegistry.ca (ITI Internetworking Technologies Inc.) Phone: +1.7809048759
http://www.CanadianDomainRegistry.ca Email: Domain.Support@CanadianDomainRegistry.ca
1770819 Ontario Corp. o/a DomainNameRegistration.ca Phone: +1.888.333-3860
http://www.DomainNameRegistration.ca Email: support@sibername.com
1686779 Ontario Ltd. Phone: +1.888.333-3860
http://www.backordermy.ca Email: support@sibername.com
CSC Corporate Domains (Canada) Company Phone:
http://www.cscglobal.com Email:
DomainPeople, Inc. Phone: +1.6046391680
http://www.domainpeople.ca Email: info@domainpeople.com
2ic Systems Inc. (SmarttNet) Phone: +1.8884076937
http://www.smartt.com/drs/ Email: domains@smartt.com
rapidregister.ca (David A McFadden) Phone:
http://www.dot-ca-registry.ca Email: rapidregister.ca@gmail.com
(Domain.ca) 3950573 Canada Inc. Phone: +1.8883037669
http://www.domain.ca Email: hello@coolcom.ca
HEXONET Services Inc. Phone:
http://www.hexonet.net Email:
CanHost Inc. Phone: +1.8776044678
http://www.canhost.ca Email: registrar@canhost.ca
easyDNS Technologies Inc. Phone: +1.8553213279
http://www.easydns.ca Email: support@easydns.com
dot-ca-registry.ca (Burmac Business Systems Ltd) Phone:
http://www.dot-ca-registry.ca Email: admin@dot-ca-registry.ca
CIRA Olympians Promotion Registrar Phone:
http://cira.ca Email:
Lexi.com Ltd. Phone: +1.8775762506
http://www.lexicom.ca Email: registrar@lexicom.ca
PRETECS NETWORKS INC Phone: 250-999-8989
http://www.fullhost.com Email: support@fullhost.com
DOT.CA INC. Phone:
http://www.dot.ca Email: registrar@dot.ca
Arvic Search Services Inc. Phone: +1.8882278421
http://www.cadomains.ca Email: registrar@cadomains.ca
Réseau Internet Québec Inc. Phone: +1.4185212884
http://https://portail.riq.qc.ca/ Email: registraire@riq.net
FastWebServer Internet Services Inc. Phone: 1 866 327 8999
http://www.fastwebserver.ca Email:
BusinessSolutions.ca - (2070424 ONTARIO INC.) Phone: (416) 385 2422
http://www.BusinessSolutions.ca Email:
1770820 Ontario Corp. o/a domainnameca.ca Phone: +1.888.333-3860
http://www.domainnameca.ca Email: support@sibername.com
ZiD.com Division of ZYMOS Computer Systems Inc. Phone: 877-659-6505
http://www.domain-name-canada.com Email: sales@zid.com
Cablan.net (4228421 Canada Inc.) Phone: 1-877-990-7760
http://cablan.net Email: support@cablan.net
NameSilo Canada, Inc. Phone: +1.6024928198
http://www.namesilo.com Email: support@namesilo.com
Ready Network Inc Phone: +1.7052011333
http://ready.ca Email: support@ready.ca
SN Domains Inc Phone: +16474771926
http://www.sndomains.ca Email: hostmaster@safenames.net
BlackSun Inc Phone: 18669339800
http://blacksun.ca Email: support@blacksun.ca
Wild West Domains Canada, Inc. Phone:
http://www.wildwestdomains.com Email:
ISQ Webhosting Inc. Phone:
http://isqsolutions.com Email:
4GoodHosting.com (R629 Enterprises Ltd.) Phone: +1.8667084678
http://4goodhosting.com Email: sales@4goodhosting.com
Network Solutions Canada ULC Phone: +1.5707088788
http://www.networksolutions.com Email:
1716641 Ontario Inc. Phone: +1.888.333-3860
http://www.domainpoint.ca Email: support@sibername.com
CIRA Labs Phone: 1-877-860-1411
http://www.cira.ca Email: info@cira.ca
PublicDomainRegistry.com Inc Phone:
http://www.publicdomainregistry.com Email:
MyID.ca (Creative Pixels Inc.) Phone: +1.8662244095
http://myid.ca Email: support@myid.ca