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Burmac was incorporated in 1977 and has offered more than 30 continuous years of service to the business community from developing custom commercial computer applications to the current registration and hosting of all domain names. We have been a CIRA certified registrar since 2001.

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Latest News

  • 2,835,587

    April 20, 2019

    As of today CIRA has 2,835,587 registered domains!

  • TBR

    April 10, 2019

    Further to the Registrar advisory earlier today, CIRA has determined there were issues during today’s TBR session which prevented registrars from registering domain names. Upon being notified, CIRA made the decision to end the session early in order to investigate and prevent further issues.

    Today’s issue stems from a divergence between CIRA’s registration policy, and practices that were accepted in the Fury registry system. CIRA’s policy has always required that registrations contain both a registrant contact and an admin contact. Since the transition to Fury and until the afternoon of Monday, April 8, the .CA registration system was not requiring an admin contact when, per CIRA policy, it is mandatory.

    On Monday afternoon, CIRA fixed the configuration to require that all domain registrations include both a registrant and an admin contact, as per CIRA policy. This change applied both to regular and TBR registrations. Unfortunately, we did not advise registrars of this fix. As a result, CREATES that did not include an admin contact were rejected by the system during today’s TBR session.

    Due to this issue, CIRA has cancelled the results of today’s TBR session. Domain names that were originally on today’s list will be added to next week’s TBR session including those acquired outside/after the TBR session closed. We will be manually refunding all successful registrations to registrars.